Molecule Strategic Consulting includes:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Organizational Change
  • Change Management
    (including change associated with Merger and Acquisitions)
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Communications

We utilize known Project Management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile. Our own company approach strives to help organizations realize their strategic decisions by providing solutions from a management, top-down and customer and/or employee, bottom-up perspective. The Molecule approach helps leaders define and meet their objectives while identifying relevant solutions that are required for successful deployment of the strategic initiatives. This ensures people are informed, aligned with key initiatives, and possess the necessary skills to enact change. We believe this to be a critical link between strategy and the successful delivery of the desired goal.

Assess.We identify critical questions and organizational challenges that are linked to strategic initiatives and desired change. This allows us to determine gaps between the existing environment and the desired result.

Develop.As a result of the assessment, we identify and develop a solution that meets the client needs and can be successfully implemented. At Molecule we believe development and delivery go hand-in-hand.

Deliver.At Molecule, we ensure that there is a clear link between strategy and execution. We believe delivery is where “rubber meets the road”. We understand that delivery varies per assignment and may include activities such as managing change, project management, process implementation, communication, skills development, and facilitation.

Embed.The ultimate goal is to ensure the change is successful and sustainable within the organization once the project is complete. This final step provides the client with the support for realizing long-term value and success.